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August 24 Schedules

Route & Destination

1 Union Station Hub – Mount St. Ann via Providence St. (PDF)

2 Union Station Hub – Tatnuck Square via Pleasant St. (PDF)

3 Union Station Hub – Worcester State University via Highland St. (PDF)

4 Union Station Hub – The Shoppes at Blackstone Valley via Millbury St. (PDF)

5 Union Station Hub – Southwest Commons via Grafton St. (PDF)

6 Union Station Hub – West Tatnuck via Chandler St. (PDF)

7 Union Station Hub – Washington Heights Apts. (PDF)

8 Union Station Hub – Greendale Mall via Shore Drive. (PDF)

11 Union Station Hub – The Fair Plaza via Vernon Hill and Greenwood St. (PDF)

14 Union Station Hub – Showcase Cinemas/Holden via Burncoat St. (PDF)

15 Union Station Hub – Shrewsbury Center via Shrewsbury St. & Route 9 (PDF)

16 Union Station Hub – Lincoln Plaza via Hamilton St. & Lake Ave. (PDF)

18 Union Station Hub – Quinsigamond Community College ( Service during academic year only). (PDF)

19 Union Station Hub – Webster Square – Clark University via Main St.. (PDF)

22 Union Station Hub – Shoppes At Blackstone BValley via Millbury Center (PDF)

23 Union Station Hub – East Mountain Street via Lincoln St. (PDF)

24/34 Union Station Hub – UMass Medical Center via Belmont St. (PDF)

25 Union Station Hub – Auburn Industrial Park via Canterbury & Southbridge St. (PDF)

26 Union Station Hub – Great Brook Valley via Lincoln St. (PDF)

27 Union Station Hub – Auburn Mall via Main St. (PDF)

29 Union Station Hub – Southbridge – Charlton. (PDF)

30 Union Station Hub – W. Boylston Wal-Mart via Grove St. & W. Boylston St. (PDF)

31 Union Station Hub – Lincoln Plaza via Grove St. & West Boylston St. (PDF)

33 Union Station Hub – Spencer – Brookfield via Main St. & Rt. 9 (PDF)

42 Union Station Hub – Oxford – Webster via Southbridge St. & Rt. 12 (PDF)

Summary of Changes Effective August 24th:

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Routes 1, 4, 5, 11, 14, 15, 16, 22, 23, 25, 26 29, 30, 31 & 42 will not service City Hall effective August 24th.  WRTA has implemented a FREE Union Station Hub and City Hall Shuttle from 7:00 am to 8:00 pm weekdays.  The Routing can be seen below.



A summary of  changes effective Saturday, August 24th and/or Monday, August 26th:

  • Route 2 will run solo on weekdays going from a 30 minute service to hourly and interlined with only Route 1 on weekends and 2 will now provide service to Sunny Hill Drive and Airport on all trips instead of Route 6 which will terminate at Tatnuck Sq.
  • Route 5 will be interlined with Route 27, including weekends and Route 19 and 23 will be interlined via City hall.
  • Route 33 will add time to Spencer trips and eliminate mid-day service to Brookfield and the Route 26 has had additional time on 11am – 6 pm trips, some trips will end at GBV Pool and serve Allegro only By Request on those trips.
  • Routes 8 and 18 will provide service along Main St North in both directions.
  • Route 11A (the extra) will now serve Fair Plaza, Autumn Woods served only By Request on outbound routing, and travel via Harding/Millbury Streets to/from Wal-Mart (No Vernon Hill service)
  • All Route 14 trips will now go to Cinemas, no service to Holden
  • Additional time added to all Route 19 trips, Coppage Drive by request only on some trips (bus will stop at Apricot and Goddard)
  • Route 23 reduced the number of Century Drive trips, Afternoon Century Drive trips will end of line there
  • Route 24 trips providing service to Seabury Heights/Greenhill Towers will now be called 24A
  • Route 27 routing in Auburn will no longer serve Bryn Myr and Swanson Road, will follow Auburn St. to Southbridge St. and then to Mall.
  • New cross town route, Route 12, will start initially only on weekends; provides service between Lincoln Plaza and Webster Square Plaza via Main St (both North and South) 8 & 18 will go down Main North

Please click here for a slide show that illustrates these changes on a map. A Full list of Routing and Stop Modifications can be found here.

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