Worcester Regional Transit Authority



The WRTA Hub located adjacent to Worcester Union Station is the focal point of all WRTA service. It is a modern, accessible facility with curb cuts and detectable tactile warnings and a sheltered waiting area with lighting and benches. An indoor waiting area is also available. Audio and visual announcements are made regarding bus location and expected arrival times in both indoor and outdoor locations.

There are more than 50 buses in the fleet. Each bus has:

• a ramp to enter
• a kneeler which can lower the bus
• a securement area for wheelchairs and other mobility devices
• priority seating for people with disabilities
• electronic signage on the front, side and rear exterior
• a bicycle rack on the front exterior
• an interior stop request sign
• automated audio and visual stop announcements

WRTA website has:

A trip planning feature 
A bus tracking feature 
A customer feedback form 

Modifications to Policies and Procedures:

Every attempt will be made to fill requests for reasonable modifications of WRTA Policies and Procedures to ensure service accessibility. Click here to submit a request.

Additional Facts:

• WRTA provides Travel Training free of charge for all members of the public.
• Service animals are allowed on all WRTA vehicles and property.
• Fare is paid with cash or using a prepaid Charlie Card or ticket which can be purchased at the customer service window or by using the Ticket Vending Machine. More information is available here.
• WRTA staff has partnered with organizations to provide interpreter and translation services for riders with limited English proficiency. In addition, drivers carry language brochures to refer passengers to these services.


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