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WRTA Transportation Hub WRTA Maintenance and Operations Facility Render
WRTA Hub, 60 Foster Street, Worcester MA 01608 WRTA Maintenance & Operations Facility
42 Quinsigamond Avenue
Worcester MA 01610

The Worcester Regional Transit Authority (WRTA) is a regional transit system that services the City of Worcester and the surrounding 36 communities in the Central Massachusetts area with a bus fleet that includes all-electric buses as well as many diesel-electric hybrid buses.  The WRTA Hub is located at 60 Foster Street within Worcester’s downtown area conveniently placed adjacent to Worcester’s Union Station, where connections between the MBTA commuter rail, interstate/intrastate bus service, taxi service, and Amtrak can be made with ease. For more information see WRTA Member Communities.

The WRTA is the second largest regional transit authority in Massachusetts, the WRTA offers reliable, comfortable, and safe transportation for traveling to work, shopping, school, medical appointments, and leisure activities.

The WRTA Hub platform with eight convenient bus slips, automated arrival and departure announcements, on-time arrival display screens, ticket vending machines for uploads and purchases. Its real time bus arrival information system includes the latest advancements in communication technologies with automatic vehicle announcements, an automatic vehicle locator system, dynamic message signs, traffic signal priority, and automatic vehicle monitoring. The WRTA Hub is a Smoke-Free Facility. See WRTA Bus Tracker for more information.

The WRTA’s Operations and Maintenance Center is located at 42 Quinsigamond Avenue in Worcester’s Green Island Neighborhood.

WRTA Technologies

The WRTA incorporates new technologies to make our services as efficient and user-friendly as possible.  Below is a listing of those technologies that have been instituted.

  • “Real Time” bus tracking capabilities allow dispatchers to let drivers know just how closely they are adhering to the route and schedule and to  make adjustments as needed.
  • Riders can track buses and get ‘next arrival times’ along each route using their phones and computers. See WRTA Bus Tracker for more information.
  • The WRTA has a variety of Video Tutorials that will help you familiarize yourself with all of the ways you can use bus tracker to get better Transit Information.
  • Are boxes are connected with the existing Charlie Card system used by the MBTA.
  • Ticket Vending Machines allow riders to purchase advance fare at a discounted rate using their Charlie Card.
  • WRTA Mobile site provides easy access to routes and resources using a smart phone.
  • Automated  announcements make riders aware of upcoming stops along  the route, and provide updates from the WRTA.
  • The WRTA Transportation Hub connects riders with various modes of transportation in one central location.

**WRTA is currently fare-free through June 2023.

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