Worcester Regional Transit Authority


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Snow and Alternate Routes

2-20-15 5:00 pm Update Route 2 back to regular route.

3:35PM Update-RT 3 is back to regular route.

2:15 PM Update RT 2 detour to Foster to Maple to Pleasant outbound. RT 3 detouring outbound to Park Ave to Institute to Haviland  back to Highland.  The gas company is working in both of these locations.

10:15AM Update Rt 26 and 31 back to regular routes.

9:00AM Update: RT 26 and 31 detoured from Tacoma Street to Boylston St to Mountain St Inbound and Outbound until further notice due to live wire down.

Snow route update as follows: RT 7 no service to Woodland, May and Coes, using Park Ave, alternate route no Maywood or Lovell, RT 11 alternate route no Upsala, using Vernon to Spurr to Providence St, RT 24 no service to Green Hill Towers.

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