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WRTA Customer Bulletin: Service Change Announcement Effective January 30, 2016

Effective January 30, 2016 the following Routes will have service changes:

Weekday Changes

Route 3 and 15: late night service has been eliminated and reallocated to Route 5 and Rt 9A that will now provide late service.

Route 4 and Route 8: Route 4 has adjusted the times to start 5 minutes later. Route 8 has adjusted times to start 10 minutes later.

Route 25: Trips will be 30 minutes instead of 25 minutes, schedule changed accordingly.

Route 14: Route has doubled service running every 30 minutes, servicing QCC, the Cinemas. Service to Burncoat beyond QCC has been eliminated. Routing has changed with buses traveling from Summer St. to Washington Square.

Route 18: Route has been eliminated.

Route 26: Evening schedule times have changed.

Saturday Changes

Routes 1 & 2: Routes 1 and 2 will interline for some AM trips. Route 1 will then interline with Route 16 and Route 2 will have no interline for PM trips.

Route 3, 6, and 15: These routes will no longer be interlined and will have schedule changes.

Route 4: All Outbound trips will depart at the top of the hour and all inbound trips will depart at 30 minutes past the hour.

Route 7 and 23: Route 7 and Route 23 will now be interlined and have all new timetables.

Route 14: Route 14 will have all new timetables.

Route 19 and 30: Route 19 and 30 will now be interlined and have new timetables.

Route 25: Trips will be 30 minutes instead of 25 minutes, schedule changed accordingly.

Route 26: Route 26 will have new timetables.

Route 5, 27 and 42: All Routes have new timetables.

Route 29: Saturday Service has been added.

Sunday Changes

Route 7 and 34: Route 7 and 34 service will end 1 hour earlier

Route 5 and 27: Route 5 and 27 have new timetables.

Route 25: Route 25 has added Sunday service.

New schedules coming soon

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