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WRTA Customer Bulletin: Upcoming Schedule Changes Effective Saturday, August 27, 2016

The following is a summary of the upcoming changes that will go into effect Saturday, August 27, 2016:

Day Route Changes
Weekday 1 Added 550am outbound trip
Sunday 1 Added 1015am outbound trip
Weekday 2 First and last trips will start/end at Sunny Hill instead of airport
Sunday 2 Last outbound trip ends at Sunny Hill
Weekday 3 Adjusted times on the 645am outbound and 710am inbound trips
Sunday 5 Added 523pm inbound from South Plaza
Weekday 6 Eliminate last outbound trip
Saturday 7 Added 555am outbound trip
Weekday 9 All outbound & AM inbound times adjusted
Weekday 10 Completely new schedule.  Routing changed, will run between Assumption and Hub with no direct service to Holy Cross, on inbound divert to Southbridge Street to pass under I-290 and return to Hub via Southbridge St/McGrath Blvd with stop at College St and Southbridge Street below Holy Cross
Weekday 14 Eliminate first two inbound trips, AM trips between 630 and 900 will end/start at Porter and Chester School (across street from Cinemas)instead of Cinemas
Weekday 15 Inbound times adjusted between 4 and 6pm
Weekday 16 Added 520am outbound, Eliminate 850pm outbound
Saturday 16 Added 825am outbound, Eliminate 350pm outbound
Weekday 19 Adjusted times on inbound times between Apricot St and Webster Square Plaza, added 355pm outbound trip to Webster Square Plaza, added 420pm inbound trip from Webster Square Plaza
Saturday 19 Add 1020pm inbound trip from Webster Square Plaza
Weekday 23 Eliminated service to Lincoln Plaza and Briarwoods
Saturday 23 Eliminated 940pm outbound trip
Weekday 24 Added 610am outbound trip
Weekday 26 520am &550am inbound trips start from Great Brook Valley instead of Allegro
Saturday 26 620am starts from Great Brook Valley, 525pm & 910pm end at Great Brook Valley instead of Allegro
Sunday 26 Added 915am outbound trip, Eliminated 505pm outbound trip
Weekday 30 Added 510pm outbound trip & 750am outbound trip to Wachusetts Plaza, eliminated one PM extra trip to Wachusett Plaza
Weekday 31 All times adjusted, early morning trip eliminated
Saturday 31 Add 1020am outbound trip, Eliminate 530pm outbound trip
Weekday 42 Add 530am express trip via I-290/395 outbound trip
Saturday 42 Add 750pm express via I-290/395 inbound trip
Holiday 19/30 Schedule modified for holiday schedule when other routes run Saturday
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