Worcester Regional Transit Authority


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8-17-18 Detours

8-17-18 The following routes are on detour as follows:  RT 1 Outbound only from Holcombe to Providence St., to Spurr St, to Vernon St, to Upsala St. then regular route.  Route 6 Inbound only from Chandler St. to Southbridge St., to Myrtle St. to the Hub.  Route 25 Inbound and Outbound remain on Southbridge St. due to construction on Cambridge and Canterbury Sts. until further notice.  Route 26 Outbound on Constitution, Inbound Freedom Way to Tacoma St. to regular route.  RT 31 Outbound on East Mountain St. to Boylston St., to Tacoma St., To Constitution to Freedom Way to Tacoma then regular route.  Inbound will be the reverse.  RT 40 will using MLK Blvd. instead of School St.  Check for updates at www.therta.com.

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