Worcester Regional Transit Authority


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10/24/18 Detours

Route 2, 3, 31: Back to regular route as of 3:44pm. Inbound only:  Chestnut, to Pearl, to Main, to Front to regular route.

Route 11: Outbound: Vernon, to Ames, to Providence to regular route. Inbound: Providence, to Spurr, to Vernon to regular route.

Route 6: Outbound: Chandler Street, to Lovell, to Carlisle, to June, Right Chandler Street to regular route.

Route 29: Outbound: stay on route 20 no East Main Street or Masonic Home. Inbound regular route.

Route 30: Inbound: Grove Street, right under the tunnel and continue on Main Street, left on Front to Central Hub.

Route 19, 27, 7, 33 Inbound: Back to regular route as of 3:46pm. Madison Street, to  Southbridge  Street, to McGrath Blvd. to hub.

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