Worcester Regional Transit Authority


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10-16-19 Update-RT 4 and RT 5 back to regular route.  RT 1 Detour outbound from Heywood  to Stowell St.  to Granite St. to Dillon St.  to Holcomb to the Senior Center to regular route.
I/B from the Senior Center to Holcome to Granite to Dillon , back to Granite , R- to Jones St to Heywood to regular route

1:00pm Update-RT 4 Outbound Harding, to Endicott, to Quinsigamond, to Old Millbury St to regular route. Inbound  Millbury St.
to Kelly Square to Central Hub.  RT 5 Inbound Grafton St. to Plantation St., to Hamilton St. to Grafton St. to regular route.

Route 2, 26 and 31 back to Regular Route.  RT 4 and RT 24 still on detour.

Route 2 Inbound to Merrick, to Elm, to Linden, to Pleasant, to Chestnut to Pearl, to Main St., to Front St. and regular route.  Outbound regular route.   RT 4 Outbound to Harding, to Endicott, to Quinsigamond Ave to regular route. Route 24 No Green Hill Towers.

RT 26 Outbound from Tacoma to Constitution and back to Boylston to regular route.  RT 31 Outbound from East Mountain St., to Boylston St., to Tacoma to Constitution and back to Tacoma St., to Boylston to Lincoln St.  Check for updates at www.therta.com.

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