Worcester Regional Transit Authority


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11-14-19 RT 2 Outbound Front St, to Pleasant St. to  Chestnut St, to Elm St, to Linden St, to Pleasant St. to regular route.

RTS 1,4,and 11 will now service first stop at Walmart.

RTS- 1, 4 & 11 will miss the first stop at Walmart due to entrance closure. Going around to Greenwood St then Blackstone River Rd. to enter.

Today’s detours are as follows: RT 1  – Outbound Granite St. to Dillion to  Holcomb St.  Inbound regular route.  RT 2 Outbound Front St., to Main St. to Left Elm St., to Linden St. to  Pleasant to regular route. Inbound  Chestnut St. to Right Pearl St.  RT 3 Inbound  Pearl St. to  Main St. to Front St. to regular route.  RT 4 Inbound Vernon St. to  Maxwell St. to  Millbury St. to regular route.  RT 25 Inbound Grand St. to  Southgate St. to Southbridge St. to regular route.  RT 31 Inbound Pearl St. to Main St., to Front St. to regular route.  Check for updates at www.therta.com.

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