Worcester Regional Transit Authority



Route 31 updated: Effective 4/08/2020

Route 30 updated: Effective 4-08-2020

Route 6 updated: Effective 4/08/20

Route 27 updated: Effective 4/8/2020

Route 19 updated: Effective 4/8/20

Route 16 updated: Effective 4-8-20

Route 5 updated: Effective 4-8-2020

Online Reservation System Tutorial

Do you need help creating or scheduling trip with your Online Reservation Account? Watch the videos below for step by step instructions! Learn how to create a new ADA Paratransit Trip. Learn how to cancel your ADA Paratransit trip. Learn how to review your past trip history. Learn how to create a Non-ADA Paratransit Council […]

Route 33 Modified Weekday Schedule

Route 19 & 30 Modified Schedules


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