Worcester Regional Transit Authority


Coronavirus Disease 2019

The WRTA is monitoring the COVID-19 situation closely. We are also following a regular cleaning schedule at the Hub and on the buses. Each bus is cleaned nightly and as of last week all surfaces on the buses are disinfected each night. Our customer service staff is prepared to handle any questions that may come in from the public regarding the situation.

We’re following the current CDC and FTA advisories regarding the situation and we are prepared to handle any changes.

The WRTA requests all passengers board and exit the bus through the rear door. Front door boarding is still available for customers with accessibility needs. WRTA will suspend enforcement of the WRTA fare policy during this time. This policy will be in effect for thirty (30) days. At the end of the thirty (30) day period current conditions will be reviewed to determine the need for continued implementation.

For the safety of both our drivers and passengers we ask that riders only travel for essential trips. All riders are required to exit the bus at the end of its route and may not re-board the same vehicle for a return trip. Multiple or consecutive round trips are not permitted and riders who appear to be loitering on the bus will be asked to deboard.

The WRTA highly recommends all passengers wear a medical or cloth mask to cover their mouth and nose as recommended by the CDC while on board WRTA vehicles. Visit cdc.gov for a tutorial on making your own cloth face cover and important information on how to wear a face cover.

If you are experiencing any Covid-19 symptoms (cough, fever, shortness of breath) or have been in contact with someone that tested positive, please do not use public transportation. Help prevent the spread of Covid-19. If urgent medical care is needed, use a personal vehicle or call an ambulance to get to the provider’s location.


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