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Charlie Card

The WRTA has extended the suspension of fares on all fixed route, paratransit services until December 31, 2022.  During this extension there will be no fares collected on the fixed route and paratransit services.  Due to the fare suspension, we are currently not issuing any Charlie Cards during this time.

Online Charlie Card Services

WRTA CharlieCard

WRTA Fare Information
WRTA Charlie Card Information
Reload your Charlie Card: Add Stored Value
*Note WRTA monthy passes are NOT available for purchase online. Only cash value can be loaded to Charlie Card online.

Using Fare Vending Machines

WRTA’s new vending machines allow you to buy tickets or add value to cards.

How to Recharge Your Charlie Card

Recharge Your CharlieCard

Existing card holder can check their balance and add value to their card.

More information on WRTA’s ticket vending machines.

Boarding Vehicles

The new fare boxes on buses make it easier to board vehicles with the Charlie Card.

Tap your card to pay onboard

Boarding Vehicles

Just touch your Charlie Card on the orange card target on any fare box. The money will be deducted automatically.

More information on WRTA’s on-board Fare Boxes.

Other News on Charlie Card

Press: Charlie Card Expansion

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