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Charlie Card Information

Reusable and Rechargeable—the easiest and most affordable way to ride.

The Charlie Card is a ‘smart card’ that stores value for single or multiple-rides. You load the card with value, using cash, credit or debit cards, at our fare vending machines at WRTA Customer Service Locations or online.

Once you add value or a Pass to your card, you tap your card on the card target at fare gates or on-board vehicles and the new system deducts value from your card accordingly. When your card runs low on value, simply visit a fare vending machine to add value and/or store a Pass on your card and ride as much and as often as you like.

Card users receive a discounted fare. Card users can also access online account management services to add value. Registered MyCharlie Account users have the additional benefit of auto-reload and loss protection,

Common Questions about the Charlie Card

1. Can I put an MBTA T-Pass on a Charlie Card?
Yes. A Charlie Card stores value for single or multiple rides and/or a monthly MBTA T-Pass. You can store your MBTA T-Pass on the card and load additional value for occasional travel that falls outside of your regular MBTA T-Pass privileges. Customers can also add a WRTA pass, but only at Customer Service Locations. Note the MBTA T-Pass only works in Boston, not Worcester.

2. Is using the card less expensive than using a ticket?
Yes. Charlie Card riders pay a reduced fare while ticket and/or cash-on-board customers pay the standard fare. Using the Charlie Card in Worcester will save you 10 to 20 cents per ride.

3. Where do I get a Charlie Card?
Here’s where to look for the Charlie Card:

  • In Worcester, from WRTA Customer Service Agents
  • In Boston – At many retail locations: The MBTA is aggressively pursuing partnerships with retailers to sell our tickets, cards and passes using retail sales terminals. You will be able to obtain a Charlie Card from one of these retailers: Sales Locations. Once you have your Charlie Card, you can go to these retailers to load value or a pass on your Charlie Card.

4. Are Charlie Cards available for the Commuter Rail, Boat or Inner Harbor Ferry?
No. Charlie Cards for commuter rail, commuter boats and inner harbor ferry is currently in the planning stage. In the meantime, continue to use single and multi-ride tickets or a CharlieTicket T-Pass or cash.

Contact Customer Service at 508.453.3462.

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