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Elderly & Disabled

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Bus Service
If you’re 60 years of age or older or have a disability, you can ride the bus for half the regular fare with proper identification. One of the following valid identification cards must be shown to the driver each time you board:

Elderly -Transportation Access Pass ID Card OR City of Worcester Commission on Elder Affairs Senior Identification Card
Disabled – Transportation Access Pass ID Card
Medicare – Medicare Card with a photo ID

Unsure where the WRTA buses travel? Call the WRTA at 508-791-WRTA (9782), and our operators will be happy to help you. Maps and schedules are available at convenient locations in the Worcester area. Visit Purchase Fare Media/Pass.

Reduced Fares on Buses (Seniors)
To qualify for the reduced fare on the WRTA buses, you must obtain a WRTA Senior Pass. Those who are 60 and over and live in Worcester or another WRTA service area are eligible for the Senior Pass.

How to Obtain Your Reduced Fare ID (Seniors)
Obtaining a reduced fare ID is as simple as bringing in photo identification showing your date of birth, proof of residence and $3.00 in cash or money order to the WRTA Customer Service Center at 60 Foster Street in Worcester [ map ]. Acceptable forms of identification include: birth certificate, driver’s license, state ID card, passport, green card or citizenship papers. A Medicare card is not a valid ID because it does not show your birth date. The office staff will take your picture and issue the pass while you wait. Replacement IDs cost $5.00.

How to Obtain Your Reduced Fare ID (Disabled)
You can obtain an application for a Transportation Access Pass from the WRTA Customer Service Center at 60 Foster Street in Worcester [ map ]. The application should be completed by a Physician or Professional Agency provider. Upon the return with the application and a $3.00 fee, you must also bring a photo ID and proof of residence, then you will be issued a Transportation Access Pass. For more information, please call 508-752-9283. [Print The Reduced Fare Application] You can have your ID card created at customer service Monday-Friday between 8:00am and 4:30pm.

When Purchasing Your Reduced Fare Ticket and 31-day pass at Vendors 
Customers are required to show a valid senior ID card, Transportation Access Pass or a Medicare card with a photo ID to purchase a reduced fare bus ticket or 31-day pass. Vendors that do not adhere to this policy will be in violation of the WRTA Vendor contract and may have the contract revoked.

Need some help accessing Disability Resources in Massachusetts?
DisabilityInfo.org is a website for people with disabilities, their friends, families and the people who serve them. Information within this website focuses on Massachusetts.

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