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How do I know if I am traveling Inbound or Outbound?
If your bus is heading into downtown Worcester, you are heading Inbound. If your bus is heading from downtown Worcester, you are heading Outbound.

How do I know if I am getting on to the correct bus?
The route number and destination are listed on the electronic signs located on the front, side, and rear of the bus. If you are not sure you are boarding the right bus, ask the driver before boarding.

How do I read the bus schedules correctly?
Verify that you have the correct schedule by checking the route number and destination on the front cover. Check to verify the weekday versus weekend travel times. Remember: Outbound means buses are traveling away from downtown Worcester and Inbound means buses travel toward downtown Worcester. You can then locate the intersection that is closest to where you want to board the bus. Although not all stops are shown on the timetable, refer to the time listed at the intersection just before your stop, to determine when the bus will arrive at your stop.

How do I contact the WRTA about a complaint or comment?
The WRTA welcomes our riders’ feedback. We are best able to follow up with you if you provide us with specific information about an occurrence such as date, time, route number, and other relevant details. Please contact the Customer Service Department at 508-791- WRTA (9782), or complete the form online.

Are announcements provided for stop locations?
Yes. The Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) requires using the public address system to announce stops and routes. The WRTA uses an automated voice announcement system which announces routes and major intersections and stops. You can always ask your driver to announce a particular stop if you need help.

Can I bring my child’s stroller on the bus?
Yes, but it must be folded up.

I noticed a missing bus stop sign. Who should I contact?
Please contact the WRTA at 508-791- WRTA (9782).

Why are there cameras on the buses?
The WRTA has video cameras on the buses to provide an added measure of safety and security for our passengers. In the event of an incident, the WRTA will be able to provide information to the proper authorities.

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