Worcester Regional Transit Authority


Bike Racks

WRTA bike racks can hold up to two bikes at a time. There is no extra charge for taking your bike – just pay the regular fare! Riders are responsible for loading and securing their bikes and unloading them from the racks.  Bikes are not allowed inside the bus.

How To Use the Rack

  1. For your safety, load and unload your bike from the front and curb side only. Traffic will be passing the bus on the driver’s side.
  2. Lower the bike rack with one hand while holding your bike.
  3. Once the bike rack is lowered, lift the bike into either set of the rack’s wheel holders.
  4. Pull the arm out and up over the front tire of the bike. The only point of contact between the bike and the bike rack is on the rubber tires, eliminating any possible damage.
  5. Once the bike is loaded, you’re ready to board the bus.
  6. Remember to unload your bike when you leave the bus! To unload, release the arm by lifting up and over, and then lower the arm.
  7. Then, lift the bike carefully out of the wheel holders.
  8. If no other bikes are on the bike rack, return the rack to the folded position.
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