Worcester Regional Transit Authority


November 21, 2019 WRTA Advisory Board Meeting Minutes

Worcester Regional Transit Authority Open Meeting Notice for the Public. The WRTA Advisory Board met on Thursday, November 21, 2019, at 8:30am at WRTA Hub 60 Foster Street, Worcester MA 01608.  AGENDA: Audit and Finance Committee: FY 2019 Audit overview. Advisory Board Action Item: Vote on accepting Audit and Finance Committee FY 2019 Audit Report recommendation. Personnel Committee: Report regarding Administrator search and possible action on their recommendations. Reports: Update FY2020 Budget, Update of FY20 Grants, Overview of proposed Service Modifications for January 2020. CMRPC Presentations: Public Hearing Sessions for Proposed Service Modifications. Advisory Board Action Item: vote on service modifications and to vote for implementation of service modifications. First Transit, PBSTM, and others.

Click on  WRTA AB Minutes 11.21.2019.  link  to view a copy of the minutes from the Advisory Board Meeting.

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