Worcester Regional Transit Authority


WRTA Advisory Board Meeting Minutes February 16, 2023

Worcester Regional Transit Authority Open Meeting Notice for the Public. The WRTA Advisory Board met on Thursday, February 16, 2023, at 8:30 a.m. to be held via webinar on Zoom due to the Governor’s extension (pandemic-era policies) for remote public meetings.

Agenda: Chairperson: Vacancy for Treasure’s Office, How have the reduced number of Friday runs on some routes worked out? What progress is being made to improve the reliability of our Bus Tracker system? What was the opinion by the City of Worcester’s Law Department regarding clearing snow from bus stops? How are we doing on Advisory Board members completing and signing a Summary of Conflict of Interest Law form? Business from Personnel Committee – Chairperson, Update board on February 14, 2023 Working Personnel Committee meeting. Administrator’s Report. Update on Service Changes due to availability of drivers, Start of the FY`24 Budget Development.

Click on WRTA AB Minutes 2.16.23 to review the meeting minutes for the advisory board meeting.

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