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WRTA performance still lags

Full and original article posted on Telegram & Gazette

WORCESTER — As the city’s bus service chips away at its poor on-time-performance rate, it is expanding service into four more towns in the region starting Dec. 1.

At a meeting Thursday morning, the Worcester Regional Transit Authority’s advisory board voted in favor of adjustments to the schedule for 14 of the 26 routes to improve on-time performance.

Although performance has improved, 54.5 percent of the buses in September were more than 5 minutes off schedule during the evening peak hours. In June it was about 60 percent. While most of those buses are running late, about one in four arrive at least 5 minutes early.

William J. Lehtola of Spencer, chairman of the advisory board, said that he believes the authority is on the right track to improve service for riders.

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