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Using the track by Phone service will allow you to access your next bus arrival time using a a local call via mobile device or payphone. The best part of this free service is that you don’t need a smart phone, data plan, or mobile device. However, please note that Standard Airtime & Call Rates still apply with your mobile provider.
Click here for a video tutorial for Getting Bustimes Using a QR Scanner

Track By Phone Instructions

Getting your next bus time using a telephone is as easy as 1-2-3. (Standard Airtime and Call Rates apply with your mobile provider)

Step 1:

Get the Stop ID for the Stop you wish to get a bus time.  It is located at the top of  the sign as shown below.  You can find your Stop ID using our interactive Bus Tracker Map, or click here for a mobile-friendly search by Route.

Step 2:

Dial 508.296.TRAK (8725).  An Operator will answer. Please tell them your stop ID or the street intersection you are at.

Step 3:

Get your bus time!


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