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WRTA opens new hub – a monumental day for public transportation in Worcester

WORCESTER _ The Worcester Regional Transit Authority’s (WRTA) new transportation hub is opening for business. On May 28, federal, state and local officials will cut the ribbon on a multi-million dollar federal and state funded intermodal project that gives a centralized transportation facility and enhanced transportation system to the City of Worcester and the surrounding region. Officials are touting this project as a testament of the investment to regional transit authorities by the state and federal governments.

“By working across all levels of government and with our partners in the public and private sectors, we are building a better downtown in Worcester that will benefit the city and surrounding communities,” said Lieutenant Governor Timothy Murray. “In doing so, we have also strategically invested in public transportation to help residents and businesses get from Point A to Point B in and around the city. The grand opening of the WRTA’s new transportation hub will not only offer more transportation options but also open the doors for increased activity and future economic development in Worcester’s growing downtown district.”

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