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Taking music to the streets

Full and original article posted on Telegram & Gazette

Imagine a Worcester with performers out every day at street corners and parks, even buskers at the new WRTA hub.

Musician and singer-songwriter Julius Jones has seen such tuneful goings on in other cities. “If you visit any major city in this country, street performance is a vital part of the lifeblood of the city, hearing a sax player in the subway, being impressed by the mime on the corner,” Jones noted.

Originally from New York City, he saw plenty of that there. “In New York there’s music everywhere you go,” he said.

But not so much in Worcester, where Jones has lived for the past 15 years. “I always thought Worcester could use some of that feeling, that energy that artists bring,” Jones said. “I thought it would be so cool to see people busking on a regular basis.”

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