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At least Canal’ers like The RTA

UNION STATION—You would think that “Charlie on the MTA” as immortalized in song by The Kingston Trio had it easy compared to such disenchanted users of The RTA here as Tricia Perry of Worcester who in a letter to the editor of the Sunday Telegram said “park the shuttle and bring back the buses.” This on the same day that Nick Kotsopoulos’ column in the newspaper referred to The RTA’s pro-posed $60 million new maintenance and operations center on Quinsigamond Ave. as the “Garage Mahal.” “That’s life in public service,” RTA Administrator Stephen F. O’Neil told Inside Worcester, on October 7th. Fortunately for the city O’Neil and the Board of The RTA keep plugging away at delivering responses that will eventually demonstrate that the system is improving—not digressing.

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