Worcester Regional Transit Authority


Regional Transit Plan/CSA

The 2020 Comprehensive Regional Transit Plan (CRTP) update process for WRTA builds on the work of the 2015 Regional Transit Plan/CSA Final Report. The 2020 update, funded by MassDOT and conducted by AECOM, was recommended by the Task Force on Regional Transit Authority Performance and Funding.

Released in March 2021, the goals of the CRTP update are to:

  1. Provide WRTA overview
  2. Identify essential markets, gaps in service, and ridership growth opportunities amidst COVID-19 impacts
  3. Evaluate performance indicators and assess performance management
  4. Provide recommendations for a strategic 5-year vision

WRTA Comprehensive Regional Transit Plan Update 2020

The WRTA underwent a Comprehensive Service Analysis of its entire fixed-route system by AECOM/URS Corporation in 2015. The Regional Transit Plan/CSA Final Report from June 2015 can be viewed below.

WRTA Regional Transit Plan 2015

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