Worcester Regional Transit Authority


Schedule Changes

Effective September 22, 2018 the following Routes will have changes:

Route 1 – Mt. Saint Ann to Walmart

Route 1 will now travel from Outbound from the Hub to Rice Square to the Worcester Senior Center then Mount Saint Ann to Walmart. Inbound will be the reverse. No longer servicing Holcombe St. Departure times remain the same.

Route 3/3A –Worcester State University-Ecotarium-North High

Route 3 has added RT 3A which will provide service to the Ecotarium and North High School. There are two morning outbound trips and two afternoon inbound trips for weekday and Saturday. Inbound and Outbound departure times changed. Route 3 is no longer interlined with Route 30.

Route 5-Blithewood/Massasoit via Grafton St.

Route 5 will now end at Blithewood and Massasoit Rd. South Plaza will be served on inbound trips only. Weekday departure times will be hourly beginning at 6:00am from the Hub with the last outbound trip at 9:00pm. Inbound trips depart hourly beginning at 6:28pm with the last inbound trip at 9:28pm. Saturday Outbound departures begin at 6:00am hourly with the last Inbound trip at 8:00pm which ends at South Plaza. Inbound trips start at 6:28am hourly with the last inbound trip at 8:20pm leaving from South Plaza. Sunday Outbound trips depart at 10:00am hourly and end at South Plaza at 5:20pm. Inbound trips depart at 10:30am hourly until 12:30pm, then hourly at 1:35pm with the last trip departing South Plaza at 5:23pm.

Route 6-West Tatnuck via Chandler St.

Route 6 is no longer interlined with Route 30. Route 6 Weekday and Saturday Outbound departure times will now depart hourly from the Hub starting at 7:00am with the last outbound weekday outbound trip departing at 8:00pm. The last Saturday Outbound trip departs at 7:00pm. Weekday and Saturday Inbound trips depart at 7:28am hourly with the last weekday inbound trip departing at 8:28pm. The last Saturday Inbound trip departs at 7:28pm. There is no Sunday service. Route 6 will now be interlined with Route 5.

Route 24/24A-UMass Medical via Belmont St.

Route 24 will no longer provide Inbound or Outbound service to Hospital Drive, Worcester Recovery Center (Worcester State Hospital). The route will remain on Plantation and Belmont Streets.

Route 27-Auburn Mall-via Main St

Route 27 is no longer interlined with Route 5. Weekday Outbound departures will begin at 5:45am with the last departure at 8:30PM. Weekday Inbound departures begin at 6:20am and end at 9:05pm. Saturday Outbound departures begin at 6:05am and end at 8:25pm. Saturday Inbound departures begin at 6:25am from Webster Sq. Plaza and end at 8:55pm from Auburn Mall. Sunday Outbound departures begin at 10:00am and end at 5:05pm. Sunday Inbound departures begin at 9:45am from Webster Sq. Plaza with the last trip leaving Auburn Mall at 4:35pm.

Route 30-West Boylston Walmart

Route 30 is no longer interlined with Route 3 or Route 6. Weekday Outbound departures will now begin at 5:30am with the last departure at 8:35pm. Weekday Inbound departures will now begin at 6:00am with the last departure at 8:00pm. No change to the weekend schedule.

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