Worcester Regional Transit Authority



All of the WRTA fixed route services use electric, diesel hybrid or diesel buses and vans.

Transit advertising reaches more people, per dollar, than any other medium. Let the WRTA distribute your client’s or business’ message to the entire city of Worcester and its 11 surrounding communities.

WRTA Technologies
The WRTA strives to make continuous improvements to help our ridership and improve the overall experience with our organization. Recently, we incorporated new technologies to make our services as efficient and user-friendly as possible. Below is a listing of those technologies that have been instituted or will be instituted in the near future.

Benefits of Riding the Bus
Public transportation is an immediate way to remove single-passenger vehicles from the road, which lead to improved air quality, stimulation of local economies and business centers, reduce road congestion, and lessens environmental damage.

Information for Schools & Companies
You can find those destinations you are looking for such as museums, shopping centers, medical services, colleges, and entertainment venues by downloading a convenient (one page) downloadable PDF.

The WRTA provides paratransit curb-to-curb service using accessible vehicles, to individuals with disabilities who qualify for service under the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA).

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