Worcester Regional Transit Authority


WRTA Proposed Changes for August 27, 2016 Service Change

Day Route Proposed Changes
Weekday 1 Add a 5:50 AM outbound trip.
Sunday 1 Add a 10:15 AM outbound trip.
Weekday 2 First inbound trip and last outbound trips would be from Sunny Hill Drive instead of the Worcester Airport.
Sunday 2 Last outbound trip from the Hub at 5:30 PM would end at Sunny Hill Drive instead of the Worcester Airport.
Weekday 3 For the 6:45 AM outbound trip, Route 3 would arrive at Worcester State at 7:10 AM instead of 7:05 AM.
Sunday 5 Add a 5:23 PM inbound trip from South Plaza.
Weekday 6 Eliminate the last outbound trip on Route 6 at 8:35 PM to add a 5:05 AM outbound trip on Route 30.
Saturday 7 Add a 5:55 AM outbound trip.
Weekday 9 Adjust morning trip times. Outbound morning trips start 10 minutes later. Inbound morning trips start 2 – 5 minutes later.
Weekday 10 Changes are under consideration. Potential changes include discontinuing Route 10 or changing the route to 30 minute service between Assumption, Worcester State and the Hub with no service to Holy Cross. Holy Cross is still served by routes 25, 29 and 42.
Weekday 14 Eliminate first two inbound trips at 6:00 and 6:30 AM. Inbound and outbound trips at and before 9:00 AM would depart and end at the Porter and Chester School which is across the street from Showcase Cinemas where Route 14 starts/ends on all other trips.
Weekday 15 Inbound times adjusted between 4 and 6pm to show Route 15 arriving 4-8 minutes earlier at UMass.
Weekday 16 Eliminate 8:50 PM outbound trip and add a 5:20 AM outbound trip.
Saturday 16 Remove 3:50 PM outbound trip and add a 8:25 AM outbound trip.
Weekday 19 Arrival time at Webster Square Plaza scheduled 5 minutes earlier for inbound trips between 8:00 AM and 2:05 PM.
Saturday 19 Add 10:20 PM inbound trip from Webster Square Plaza.
Weekday 23 Eliminate by request service to Briarwoods Apartments and eliminate the 4 trips that pull directly into Lincoln Plaza in order to improve schedule reliability.  Routes 16 and 31 will still directly serve Lincoln Plaza while Route 23 would stop on Lincoln Street in front of the plaza.
Saturday 23 Eliminate 9:40 PM outbound trip so that a early morning trip can be added to Route 7.
Weekday 24 Add a 6:05 AM outbound trip.
Saturday 26 Change end of line location from Allegro to Great Brook Valley for the first inbound trip (6:20 AM) and the last outbound trip (9:10 PM).
Sunday 26 Move last 5:05 PM outbound trip to a 9:15 AM outbound trip.
Weekday 30 Add a 5:05 AM outbound trip.
Weekday 31 Eliminate first inbound trip at 5:40 AM. Inbound trips between 7:50 AM and 10:50 AM would begin 5 minutes later.
Saturday 31 Move last outbound trip at 5:30 PM to 10:20 AM.
Weekday 42 Add a early morning express outbound trip that is open for service between the Hub and Auburn Mall and then expresses to Webster.
Saturday 42 Add a 7:50 PM express inbound trip to Hub.
Holiday 19/30 WRTA traditionally operates Routes 33 and 42 in addition to Saturday routes on the holidays of Columbus Day, President’s Day, MLK Day, Patriot’s Day and the Friday after Thanksgiving. On these days, WRTA would continue to operate these routes but the end of the line for Route 19 would be at Goddard Drive since Route 33 would provide coverage between Goddard Drive and East Brookfield.
Weekday 19/30/23 Timing adjustments for “extra” trips that are currently provided to relieve over-crowding on certain trips.
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